Annoyed and yet Contented

Martin was infuriated. Two kids had got on the bus, and then sat in front of the woman. That in itself didn't bother him. It was the boy that did. He'd called her drop dead gorgeous. Which, Martin had to admit, he agreed with. But, the kid was only 12, 13 at push. Not even a teen. And yet itemising the perfect woman behind him like some gangster from a bad film!

Not only that, but then they had started bickering. Martin had almost gone over and told Taylor to move back to his original seat on the pretence of having a headache and needing some quite. he didn't care that it was likely she'd guess the real reason. He just needed the kid to shut up. He turned around and almost got up, but then she stood up. She looked at Martin, and then seemed to giggle at something. She did something to her clothes (Martin wasn't paying attention to that, he was staring at her face) and then sat down.

Martin turned back around. He hadn't forgotten about the children, but they paled into insignificance. He closed his eyes, content to imagine her face. The deep, sapphire blue eyes, the halo of silky blonde hair and that smile. The most perfect smile he could ever imagine...

The End

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