Keeping put... For now.

I am so confused! No one seems to have noticed that Lillith was now a growling wolf sitting in the row behind me. Weird. And what’s weirder, is Lillith doesn’t seem to be doing very much. Yeah, she’s transformed... but she’s not on a rampage or anything.

Even so, I still want to move seats. But maybe she will take that as provocation? I don’t know! Cue the whiny childish voice. But since Lillith only seemed to be making small whimpering noises in the seat behind me, I decide not to move. The writer guy – I still haven’t found out his name – keeps looking around at that gorgeous woman who got on a few minutes ago, and the bratty looking kid keeps staring at her, too.

For some reason I get the urge to talk to the guy who had the camera out, but I end up not talking to him for fear of provoking some kind of fight. Again.

The pregnant woman got off just before the kids got on, after yelling that her waters had broken. Morgan handled it really well. I hope the birth goes okay. Morgan passes me carrying her bag that I swear is just books. She moves to the front with the tattoo guy. I wonder why? They seem to be getting on okay. Actually most people seem to be getting on okay. I, however, somehow ended up making friends with a teenager who is now possibly dying at the front with Mai trying to help – she seems to be having some kind of trouble – and a woman who transforms into her wolf form in the middle of a bus full of people.

How did this happen?


The End

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