Labour Pains


Morgan's painful scream woke me with a jolt. I automatically reached for her, but she had moved away from the window. She had been sleeping with her back to me, her head on her father's shoulder. Mike hugged her, trying to give comfort as she wept uncontrollably.

As I reached, I felt a sudden shooting pain in my abdomen. I stretched my legs out and let them lie flat on the seat. They had been pulled up against my stomach as I slept. That eased the pain, and I forgot about it as I put my hands on the back of Morgan's seat and leaned way forward to talk to Mike. Morgan was still crying too hard to speak to anybody.

I could see bands of deep blue sorrow emanating from her. I wondered if those blue bands were what singers meant by 'having the blues.'

About twenty minutes after the first pain, I had another one,  and then I had an intense need to pee. I just barely made it to the bathroom when my water broke for real.


I screamed. I hadn't taken the time to lock the door, So she opened it a crack and peered in.

"You're going into labour, Gloria."

She remarked matter of factually as she wiped her eyes with a wadded up tissue.

The pains weren't strong yet, so hopefully it would be awhile before the baby was actually ready to be born. Morgan joined me in the bathroom and locked the door. Luckily the bathroom took up the space of two whole seats, so there was enough room for both of us in there.

"How far are we from your destination, Gloria?"

Morgan asked gently. Now that she had a purpose other than dwelling on her nightmare, she was able to put  her sorrow behind her for the time being.

"About an hour, I think. My Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben will be waiting for me at the bus stop.

There was a good sized hospital in the town where I was getting off, So my aunt and uncle would take me right to the hospital from the bus stop.

Morgan passed her hand over my abdomen for a moment.

"Your little girl is just getting herself into position. It will most likely be at least a couple of hours before you go into hard labour. It would probably be a good idea to call your aunt, and let her know the situation."

"Good idea." I grunted, as I got up and made my way to the door.

Gloria helped me back to the seat, where I called my Aunt. Aunt Sarah was my grandmother's youngest sister. She was only fifteen years older than my mom, and she was quite the character. She never cared what other people thought about her, and she never gave me a hard time about getting pregnant.

When I found out, Aunt Sarah was the first person I told. I knew my mother would be furious. She had only been a couple of years older than me when she got pregnant, but she made my father marry her, because she was so afraid of what the neighbours and her relatives would think.

My father stuck around just long enough to give me his name, and then he took off. He was never seen or heard from again. It was Aunt Sarah that took mom in after my father left. My grandmother was so mad at my mom for getting pregnant in the first place, that she basically disowned mom and me.

Now here I was, asking Aunt Sarah to do the same thing for me and my little girl, whom I had always intended to call Sarah. I looked at Morgan, who sat with me in case I should go into sudden hard labour. I decided I had a second name for my baby now.  Sarah Morgan. It had a nice ring to it.

Beth the bus driver called out my stop, and Mike took my pack, which Morgan handed over the seat to him. He carried it in front of me, as Morgan helped me down the aisle. As I passed row one, Olivia and Mai hugged me, and wished me all the best. I was beginning to get rather emotional. I had made some good friends on this bus.

When I got to the top of the steps, Mike took my arm to help me down them, but there was no need. Aunt Sarah came bounding up the steps and surrounded  me with her arms and her love. Aunt Sarah wasn't very tall, and she was nearly as wide as she was high, but she was full of love and laughter. Her thick cap of red curly hair bounced around her shoulders as she hugged and kissed me. Her brown eyes sparkled with joy and good nature.

Mike still had me by the arm. He had no intention of letting go until I was at the bottom of the steps. Just then, I noticed Fancy Anne's aura floating just above Mike and I. She gave Mike a fleeting kiss on the cheek and floated out the door. She hovered above the bus stop bench, waiting for me.

I gave Morgan a final hug and a kiss, then I gave her a piece of paper with my cell phone number, and my aunt's email address. I had no intention of losing touch with this amazing young woman.

Between Mike and Aunt Sarah, I got down the steps and into the waiting arms of Uncle Ben. He had long white hair, and a beard to match. He had a big booming voice, and a big booming laugh. Aunt Sarah and Uncle Ben had been married for thirty five years, and they were still in love. That's what I wanted in my future, someone that would love me the way Uncle Ben loved Aunt Sarah.

As we walked to the car, I introduced them to Fancy Anne.

The End

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