Mothers' Demise

I am running through white halls. My footsteps echo. I can hear my heart pounding. I am terrified. Breathless I reach a door. I knock. Eternity seems to pass before it opens.

“Sedation” I blurt out. The man stares at me. “She has to be sedated.”

“W  h  y  ?” His question takes eons to say.

“Mother says so.”

“H  e  r    p  a  r  e  n  t  s    h  a  v  e    f  o  r  b  a  d  e    i  t  .” I feel as though he is talking through molasses.

“She and the babe will die if she’s not sedated!”

“W  e    c  a  n    n  o  t    g  o    a  g  a  i  n  t    t  h  e    w  i  s  h  e  s    o  f    h  e  r    p  a  r  e  n  t  s.”

“But,” screams break through my reply. I turn and begin to run back. He follows me, but in doing so he has slowed me down. I feel like a video game character whose partner isn’t going in the right direction. I keep running, but I can only go so fast and so far ahead of him. The hall echoes with our footsteps, besides that all is silent.

I can see the door now. Blood oozes from the top, sliding down the small window. My own pace slows. I am behind him now, trying to keep him from reaching the door. My face is wet with tears. I know what’s there. I don’t want to see it again.

“No,” I whisper.

His hand is on the door knob. I am there beside him now, despite my effort not to be. He turns the handle slowly. The door opens.


“MOTHER!” I scream and sit bolt upright. I am bawling. I am cold. I am sweating. My eyes stay closed. I know I’m on a bus. Behind me sits Gloria. Beside me sits my real father. I feel their concern and their comfort. All I can do is try to calm myself. I haven’t had that nightmare in two years.

The End

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