Thinking about moving seats.

I watch the new person get on, flashing a dazzling smile at Beth as she walks onto the bus. She takes a seat in the row in front of me by the window. There’s something really odd about her. I can’t quite tell what it is. She seems too perfect, in a way, the way her clothes shroud her perfect figure in a perfect way and her perfect hair shimmered in an almost heavenly way. Maybe it was just because I hadn’t seen anyone that looked like a model anywhere other than the media. Not sure.

Lillith is in full wolf form now. I hadn’t noticed the moon outside. I'm still wondering why she was so upset before she changed. I wondered if she had also seen me feed. I should have been more careful. I had been too hungry to care at the time. Obviously, I regret that now.

Mai’s fingers are sparking again, but the other alien with her isn’t helping this time. She’s working on Gabby. Her face is grim, but determined. I can’t say I'm really looking at what’s happening with Gabby at the moment, somewhat preoccupied by the beast in the seat behind me. Lonely as I am, I could do without my new friends being a werewolf and someone who for all I knew was dying not far away from me. I hope she’s okay, but I'm also kind of hoping she sleeps through whatever it is Lillith is going to do next...



The End

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