Holy Chess

Auvrea stepped onto the bus. She wore but simple jeans and a white top, with silver writing scrawled across it. Her whitish-blond hair flew lightly behind her, a white silk ribbon intertwined with a few delicate strands. She delved into her pocket and took out a few clinking coins and placed them in the bus drivers hand, flashing an angelic smile before taking her seat on the sixth row next to the window.

There were many different life forms on this standard vessel, she was also unlike humans, but not all that different. You see she held a secret. She was an angel, human hybrid. She has her wings secretly tucked away under magic. Her job? Quite simple. She was placed here to nudge people in the right direction, like a pawn in a giant, global game of chess.

But there are not only angels, among the Earth, but demons aswell. Those sent by Lucifer to nudge the humans in the opposite direction. The reason, the hybrids are needed is because God has given humans free-will. But he exploited his own loop-hole. But although Auvrea knew of his intentions, and the purpose she was destined to serve she did his bidding anyway.

Humans live, not knowing wether there is a heaven, or hell. So they have nothing to fear. However, just think of what would happen if you went against this, almighty power. Knowing that he does exist and that really everyone on the Earth are his pawns. She was also a pawn. But she knew the secret of winning the game.   

The End

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