Fancy Anne Reflects

I hovered above the reunion of Mike and his daughter Morgan. It was so obvious that they belonged  together as a family. Their faerie blood emanates from them and intertwine. I suddenly feel lost, adrift.

The last twenty years of searching for Mike in my limbo state had been wasted. I take a good long look at Mike. He wasn't not quite middle aged, but he was getting there. He still had blond hair, but it wasn't really long anymore. There was white in it at the temples. It almost looked  platinum. He was still really hot looking, even for an older dude.

I think Morgan must have done something to me with her faerie magic. She probably didn't even know she did it, but when Gloria asked me if I was insane before I died, Morgan stared at me, long and hard.

It was right after that that I could feel the rage slowly leave me. when she said that Mike was too old for her, it occurred to me that he was too old for me now too.

 I think that whatever delusions I'd had about Mike and belonging together forever, started to dissolve right about then. Maybe I was sort of crazy where Mike was concerned, and I think Morgan fixed it somehow. It was either that, or one of the aliens healed my 'mental illness' if that's what it was.

Now that I understood that there would be no future for Mike and I, I realized that there was no reason for me to be here anymore. I thought maybe I'd go and talk to my cousin Amber and decide what I was going to do. She'd had enough time to get over the message I put on her laptop. I had to figure out what I was going to do with my life, (actually death) now.

The End

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