All too much.

It must have been a bit too much for her.  Ash obligingly hoped to the row behind us so I could sit Morgan down. There was a tear slowly rolling down his face.  I managed a smile as morgan lay delicatly against me.

I was in a way glad she was sleeping. For the first time in my life I could be a real father. I could watch my daughter sleeping peacefully. The feeling of failure was replaced. An indescribable feeling. She was my own, my daughter. A fathers love for his childeren was like nothing ever before. A small tear leaked from my eye and Gloria patted me on the shoulder.

"That was a brave thing for her to do. She's very shy."

"You mean she wasn't scared of me before when we were helping that weird guy?"

"No. She wouldn't judge you on apearance. You helped her and for that she was so Grateful."

Another fantastic feeling swept over me. I hadn't felt so proud of anyone other than me in along time.

Gloria akwardly sat down on the seat behind morgan. Ash squeezed up to give her as much room as possible.  Fancy Anne just hovered above.

It occured to me I knew nothing about her. Well I would have the next few hours to think about it. What  would I ask her? There was around twenty years to catch up on.

I wondered if she had ever tried to find me. Had she even known about me. Maybe I had just torn her world apart. Well there was nothing I could ask till she woke up. For now I would just take in every moment this beauty was in my arms.

"I'm sorry I flew off the handle there Fancy Anne"

"I'm sorry I spooked you like that Mike."

I looked across at Gloria. I was rather taken aback. From close up she was just a child. Younger than Morgan I would say.

"Gloria. How old are you?"

"I'm .... um .... nineteen."

"And I'm not stupid. Your under eighteen arn't you." She looked down I could feel she was scared I would report her or something. "Gloria? I'm sure you have reasons for not being at a hospital so near you due date. Your safe with me don't worry. I'll help you."

She looked up into my eyes. Like she was trying to find out what I was feeling. So I let her, after a couple of seconds she smiled.

"Why would you do that for me?"

"Any freind of my daughters is a freind of mine."

She began to cry. Did I say something wrong? She was still smiling. Happy tears I guess.

I could hear Ash trying not to sob next to Gloria.

The End

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