Home Again

I’m exhausted, emotionally drained. I’ve done more today than I have in the last four years since Mom’s death. I tried to heal someone and failed. At least I was able to help Gloria and her child. I fought a ghost, and reconciled with a ghost. I think I’ve spoken more words than ever before at once. And now, now I’ve found my biological father.

I make myself look at him. I can see where my I get my frame from, lithe yet strong. I look with my other sight; the resemblance is only clearer. Like myself, he seems hesitant.

What kind of daughter have I been? How long ago had I learned that George wasn’t my father and yet I’d never taken the initiative to find my biological one? Then again he had never tried to find me either.  Had he even known about me before, or was it only Fancy Anne who had brought us together. I look at her. Who is she? How is she related to all this?

I yawn, feel my cheeks get hot and quickly cover it up. I’m exhausted, emotionally drained and extremely tired. I unwittingly blink into my other sight. He seems plagued with the same feelings as I.

Sleep is quickly taking control. I force myself to lean toward him as I yawn again. My father’s arm hesitantly wraps around me. I smile as sleep overtakes me. I feel as though I’ve found home again.

The End

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