I could feel her getting weak. I steadied her. Along with the pregnant one and odly enough Anne. I had heard her talking to margan before. So she hadn't killed Serena. I was over reacting.

How the hell hadn't I seen it?

There were unsuprisingly lots of people with fairae blood. Not many who had more than around 1/256th of it . Half fairae with Serena's eyes. I felt so horrible. My own daughter was terrifyed of me.

I supose she hadn't know who I was then. I felt like I had lost everything again. I would have colapsed with my head in my hands if Morgan hadn't needed me. I hadn't been there for her all her life. I couldn't let her down now aswell. I looked at my daughter. She was beautiful. Just like her mother, and admittedly myself when I was young.

A tear leaked from my eye. I felt so ashamed. I had been too scared to find her. Now when our paths had crossed I wasn't even strong enough to hug her. What if she was still scared of me?

The End

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