My fault?

Lillith was crying her eyes out and changing, Gabby has passed out and all hell is breaking loose. I couldn’t tell why Lillith was crying so hard. Was it me...? But now she’s transforming into her wolf form. The writer guy has scampered off to the fourth row. I feel like following him.

The guy with the camera has stopped looking all freaked out and is filming again. He’s filming Lillith. He looks all shocked as he points the camera at me. He can see me. I want to smile as I watch him realise that you can catch a vampire’s image. But Lillith the wolf is now scaring the living whatsits out of me. It makes me kinda glad that I fed just now. At least if she goes for me, I can defend myself.

Mai trudges up the bus unwilling to help, but sensing that Gabby has passed out she comes anyway. She picks gabby up and moves her to the other seat out of Lillith’s way and studies her

The End

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