'We can still be friends, can't we?'

The look on Alex's face almost breaks my heart in two. He is so sad and lonely, and I realise that beneath the vampire, he is still human. And lonliness can do strange things to people.

I take a cookie and say, 'Of course we can still be friends. You're probably my only friend in the world right now. Apart from Lillith, of course.'

We smile at eachother and we realise that, even if we are apart, we will always be friends. I know too much about them.

Something broke through my good thoughts.

'Did you have to punch that guy?' I say, tilting my head in the direction of the author. 'He looks totally traumatised.'

We all turned to look at him. He had moved to the forth row, presumably to get away from Alex, and was curled up in a ball rocking back and forth with his fancy-looking laptop cradled in his arms.

'No, probably not, but I needed to let off a little steam. His face was the easiest way to do it.'

'I think his nose is broken.'

Alex just nodded and picked up another cookie.

I studied him for a momnt, hoping he was full enough for me to have a look at the wounds on my arm.

I peeled back the bandaged that was soaked with blood, and was met by a horrible smell. Gagging, I replaced the bandage and sat, trying to calm myself down enough to speak to Alex or Lillith.

I managed to gasp, 'There's something wrong with my arm.' in a way that alerted them to my situation.

Lillith briefly looked at my arm before shouting, in a very loud voice, 'Mai, we need you up here!'

And then I passed out.

The End

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