Second Stage Change

Lillith pulled her hand away from him, stumbling back into the chair, next to where gabby was sitting and cried. She spread herself across the two chairs and cried. She made no sound but the tears wouldn't stop.

She placed her hands on her heart, feeling it beat beneath her skin. She could hear everybody in her head. The thoughts of everybody around her swirling round her head and she let out a long woeful howl. It was animalistic but full of sorrow. She winced her eyes as if in pain and sat up, scooching over to the seat near the window. She hung her head and felt the animal take over, she wasn't changing but her change in mood unleashed her other side.

Her 'Lillith' state was full of sorrow, plainly because she was afraid of what she was becoming. She wanted to hurt him so much. But now she had fangs. More terrifying fangs. Her eyes were liquid gold and her hair turned deep chestnut brown. She grinned. Her fangs showing, glistening in the moonlight. She was... Alive.

The End

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