Blood and Fear.


Martin glanced up and, after a slight pause registered Alex staring at him, irritation etched into the contours of his face. After half a minute, he looked away to Lilleth, who was now quiet. Martin blushed at having finally been noticed, but, after the vampire had turned away, scribbled on more persistently than before, although he stopped for a second to rub the cramp out of his hand. He chuckled silently at the weak attempt to stop his writing. 

'Excuse me a moment,' came the voice of Alex. Ah... Not good... thought Martin. He crossed to the author, and Martin was surprised that he didn't yell in fear. The pregnant woman, who was due to give birth in a week or less, Martin vaguely recalled, dredging the useless memory from the back of his brain, muttered 'Men' as she watched them momentarily.

His hand whipped out and, quicker than Martin thought possible, snatched the full notebook from the rucksack in front of him. 

'Oi! Give that back! OI! That's mine!' and the such, although he didn't actually try and reclaim it... Martin saw grief fill the eyes of the monster as he read the words that had been written down... That had come from his own mouth. Blue eyes... Blue eyes that had a hint of red around the top of the pupil.

'Give me the other one.' A very demanding voice, noted Martin in his head, not at all like when he had been speaking to Lilleth and Gabby. A hand was placed between them, expecting the demand to be complied with immediately. Martin's head shook, the only response he could think of. Alex's mouth was then right by his ear, the stench of animal blood thick on his breath. 

'I am very hungry right now.', he threatened, and the growl behind it made Martin lose track, not for the last in the conversation, before Alex stood up straight again and repeating his demand.

Standing up again and hold my hand out again, repeating the command.

‘What are you going to do on a bus filled with people? Even if half of them are just as weird as you!’ Martin stuttered. Bad idea, Martin... he said to himself. Thwack! A fist smacked him in the face, and he could feel his nose break.

'Give it to me!' Alex yelled, losing his temper. Martin's head shook again. The bag seemed to appear in Alex's hand, and then the contents was spewing over the floor of the bus. Martin knew it wasn't there. Or in the laptop bag that Alex ripped open next, although he dived after the laptop, making sure that it was still working... As well as he could with no power. Martin chuckled, and recieved another punch in the face for his troubles, and this time, his nose started bleeding. Great one, Martin. The bus pulled into a petrol station.

Lillith stood up and whispered something to Alex, and Martin looked on with a terrified expression on his face. Alex returned to his seat, but Lilleth remained there, and then placed her hand on Martin's... It started to transform, and Martin almost started crying with fear, and hate, and rage.

"I would do what he says." She quietly murmered. "I don't care...' Martin missed her eyes changing colour, and the rest of the sentence, his eyes fixed pointedly on her hand.

'There are more means and ways of becoming an author. Most people won't believe that you really met us and we were who we say we were. But, these are our stories and...' Her voice was like a diamond - firm and perfectly clear. Martin, however, was put off by what he saw as a rugged beauty No! That can''t happen!. She then turned to Alex and seemed to forget the human boy. He curled up on his seat. Great, Martin. Now you'll never get a book deal. You've gone and lost your notes. Congratulations.

The End

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