I heard Alex say something about going to get crisps, so I grabbed my purse and followed him out of the bus.

He musn't have noticed me, because, instead of going into the shop, he walked around the back were a smoker was standing.

I stood just out of view, hidden by the brick wall.

I don't want to repeat what I saw next, so I'll just say that I vomited into the bushes for a long time an when I was finished,  sat on the floor to think.

Is it possible that I could accept the nature of a vampire? Ever since reading Twilight, I thought that I would love to come across one, but now I have, I'm not so sure.

I watched him butcher an innocent man, completely drained the blood from his body. Then smiled.

I shuddered and started to think about whether I should get back on the bus or not.

Alex was good. That much I knew. He had been able to resist the temptation enough to bandage my arm when it was bleeding and he couldn't exactly help who he was.

Without hardly realising, I stood up and sat back in my seat on the bus, Alex, smiling sheepishly, apologized.

'I'll forgive you if you tell me one thing.'

I laughed at his wary expression.

'Do you sparkle?'

The End

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