What anger issues?

‘I do not have anger issues,’ I snap, glaring over at the writer guy, ‘I’m just hungry. I get grouchy when I'm hungry.’ I grab the “juice” from Lillith’s hand and drink it down greedily, but it’s still not enough. Since we’re moored up at the petrol station, and Beth seems to be taking her merry time in filling up, I make a move to get off.

‘Where are you going?’ Lillith asks.

‘Getting something to eat. Might as well while we’re at a shop. Running low on crisps,’ I say, pulling my wallet out of my bag. Of course, I'm not actually getting more crisps. I just want to be able to take these contacts out for a while and not need to hide. And obviously to find something a little more than crisps to eat. I try again to get away from Lillith, but she grabs my arm

‘We have plenty of food. You don’t need to go anywhere.’ She looked at me meaningfully. I shake her off wordlessly and get off the bus.

Slipping around the back of the miniature store, I see some guy smoking alone.

Perfect. The voice inside me hisses with glee and anticipation. I restrain myself. There is a camera nearby. I climb up on the dumpster quietly and rip the cable out. I check the area for more, and seeing none, approach the smoker.

‘Hey, who are you?’ he asks, surprised. I grin at him and whack his temple, knocking him out in one blow. I give in, shameful, to the beast inside of me.

The rich coppery blood fills my mouth and I drink desperately, not wanting the delicious feeling of feeding to end. It had been far too long since my last feed. I tried normally to let the person live, but I can’t control myself now. I’m too hungry.

Finishing, I stand and wipe my mouth, checking in a car window that I’ve not made a mess of myself. I feel so full. As ashamed and guilty as I feel, it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the sensation. It was like being given a hamper full of food after a week of nothing. I let the smile fall from my face, and enter the shop. I grab crisps and cookies and walk up to the counter with them. I pay and return to the bus. I feel a lot calmer, and the beast inside me is resting. I can take the contacts out at last! Lillith gives me a disgusted look when I sit back down and I look away, embarrassed and guilty.

I bend forward and take the contacts out, putting them in their little container. The writer guy looks all confused when I sit back up and look over at him with eyes that match the shade of blue on the contacts. I look in the seat behind me. Gabby is gone.


The End

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