Anger Issues.

Lillith looked over to where Alex was. She got up, crossing over to him and placing a hand on his shoulder she whispered into his ear. "Go into my bag, there is more juice in there." She smiled. turning her attention to the boy. She read his thoughts, knowing exactly what had just took place.

She looked at Martin and placed a hand ontop of his. Then it slowly began to change. Her fingers got thinner, white fur appeared on the top and her claws grew longer. "I would, do what he says." She quietly murmerred. "I don't care how many people are on here. Her eyes flickered from green to gold again, this time the flame was roaring. She may have looked angry on the outside, but her heart was still full of sorrow. All the more reason she did not want this going out. 

"There are more means and ways of becoming an author. Most people won't believe that you really met us and we were who we say we were. But, these are our stories and I don't want mine going out. Cain wouldn't of liked that. Please, hand it over." She had a firm, clear tone. But it was lined with a small sign of sorrow. She turned and whispered into Alex's ear. "By the way, you have serious anger issues." She let out a slight giggle that a human would not have been able to hear. 

The End

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