Instincts and anger

Gabby had fallen asleep, so I was just talking to Lillith, now. I look up briefly from our conversation. There’s someone I hadn’t noticed before in the same row as Gabby, but on the other side. He is writing in a notepad furiously, and at first it doesn’t bother me, but as I keep looking up from the conversation, it becomes more and more obvious he is writing down in short hand what we’re saying. He’s being subtle about it, I’ll give him that, but not subtle enough, clearly.

He notices me watching his frantic scribbling, trying to keep up with the discussion discreetly. He soon runs out of paper and brings out a new notepad, immediately staining the paper with black ink that from here looks like a tangle of black thread, as all the words were hurried and messy. Obviously me staring at him with obvious irritation is not going to do the trick. I look back at Gabby and Lillith. Lillith is quiet now, and Gabby is still asleep. He blushes, but continues writing, obviously glad for the respite.

‘Excuse me a moment,’ I say to Lillith. I get up and cross over to where he is sitting. I don’t sit, instead standing over him, keeping upright regardless of what bumps we went over. I want to be the scary bad vampire I’m supposed to be for once. I think it worked. He looks up at me with fear spilling out into the air from him. The pregnant lady looks over at us, sensing my anger. She watches us for a few seconds, before deciding to let us battle it out between ourselves.

Men,’ I hear her mutter. I bend over, snatching the notebook he had just finished from his bag, ignoring his protests. I skim over the contents. It is essentially what has happened since Gabby had cut her arm. Not just the conversation between Gabby, Lillith and me, though it focuses on us towards the end. I flip over the last page and saw that he had written down what I had confided in Gabby and Lillith. My heart twists with pain reading the words I had spoken. He watches me with quiet, defiant terror as my eyes flick over the messy writing.

‘Give me the other one.’ I demand, holding out my hand expectantly. He shakes his head. I lean in close and whisper in his ear. I’m sure my breath probably stinks of that animal blood from earlier, but I don’t care, it just makes me all the more scary.

‘I am very hungry right now. It would be a very bad idea to cross me.’ I stand up again and hold my hand out again, repeating the command.

‘What are you going to do on a bus filled with people? Even if half of them are just as weird as you!’ he stammers. A burst of rage clouds my thought for a moment and I punch him in the face.

‘Give it to me!’ I shout at him. When he shakes his head again, I tip his bag upside down and shake the contents out. There is another blank notepad and some clothes, and other essentials, but I can’t find the first notepad. I look in the laptop case underneath the bag, not caring if I damage the expensive looking laptop or not. It’s not there either. He laughs at me and I punch him again. His nose is bleeding now, and away from Lillith I can smell his blood clearly. My stomach growls loudly at me and I realise how close I am to giving into my need.

We go over a pothole and pull into a petrol station. People are staring at me.

The End

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