Stretch Our Legs.

My finger traced hesitantly over the scars on his arm. I looked down at my own arm and saw the criss-cross of pale lines, deeper than Alex's own.

'I wonder what else we have in common?' he asked. Lillith laughed, but I started to think if our three species' really did have something else similar. My mind wondered back to Twilight, and I remembered the difference in chromosomes they were talking about in 'Breaking Dawn'.

When I looked out the window, my green eyes saw nothing other than the darkness of the night. I fell asleep thinking, 'I wonder if he sparkles in the Sun.'


A pothole in the road woke me,  and I saw the dawn sky lighting from the west with colours from every shade of the spectrum, which made me think that the Bus driver had been going for at least 24 hours straight.

As I had this thought, we turned into a service station.

The End

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