dot dot dot

I open my eyes, cursing inwardly. I hadn't meant to fall asleep. I must be losing my touch - the Commander would never have done a thing like that. Everything's just heating up - or maybe it already has, while I've been sleeping.

I turn to Olivia, but she is fast asleep too.

"Olivia!" I say, shaking her. "Olivia, wake up!" She opens her eyes.

"Whurgh?" she says blearily. "What is it? What's happening?"

I laugh at her befuddled expression.

"Nothing. Well, nothing major. But we're missing all the drama!"

"Drama?" she says, evidently still confused.

"Yes, Morgan's found her father, and the vampire and the werewolf seem to have made friends, and the ghost is talking to Morgan and that other guy, Mike," I say, having taken all this in at a glance. "Oh, and I've just seen a guy writing everything down. I wonder why I didn't notice him before?" I trail off, thinking about this guy.

We're similar people, him and me - there's the writing thing for a start. But what if he's written down what I am?

Oh, who cares? Everyone's weird on this bus. If I'm gonna go to hell, I might as well do it properly.

The End

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