Hesitant Reunion


It was all I could say until the thoughts started rolling.

‘But there has to be other’s with faerie blood. That can’t be the tell all.’

I look toward Mike. I have a name for the man with the tattoos now. He was looking at us. I flush and look down. In a way I hope it’s true. It’d be like a fairy tale, maybe.

‘What was your mother’s name?’ Fancy Anne asks me. She seems nicer now.

‘Serena,’ I mumble. There is movement in the isle and Mike is slowly making his way back.

‘See same as his ex-fiancé.’

‘But,’ my thoughts stop in their tracks. I remember an argument I once overheard between my mother and grandmother.


‘You should have stayed with that blond biker stunt man, what’s his name.’

‘Ghost Wheels? ‘He wasn’t right after that girl jumped in front of his bike. No way I am having him around our daughter. He would do more harm than good.’

‘Yeah well at least you know HE isn’t gay.’

‘Just because George is gay doesn’t mean he can’t be a good father.’



I look up and see Mike. His tattoos are strangely real to me. I blink them back into art work.

‘Ghost Wheels?’ I ask. I feel ready to cry. I adjust myself as he slides into the seat.


I close my eyes and turn away. I can’t stop the tears. Today has been too much. Two hands touch me in comfort; Gloria and Mike. Even Fancy Anne seems to be trying to comfort me. It makes me cry more. After my mom’s death I had been friendless, for she had been my only friend and now. Now it seemed I had three friends, even if one was ectoplasm. Technically Mike is my father. I can’t quite grasp that yet, but deep down I know it’s true. How could mom have been wrong about him?

The End

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