The author

I was sitting in the 8th row back, and, very discreetly, listening to the conversation between Lilleth, Alex and Gabby. Not that I needed to be discreet... I'd gone the whole journey without anyone noticing me. Not that it was a bad thing. It had allowed me to document the whole thing, in exacting detail, without anyone bothering me.

I had a perfect discription of the murderer, the way the aliens hands sparked when they used their magic, and Lilleth's teeth. However, the conversation between the seer, vampire and werewolf was pure gold.

My notepads, which had been brand new when the first, older bus had set off from the destination, were nearly full, though I had had the sense to bring more with me. This would turn out to be a bestseller, I was sure. I just needed to get some more details and charge my laptop up. The latter was going to be difficult to do, nigh impossible, in fact, seeing as I had somehow lost my charger; and there was no way the notebooks would suffice for the whole story...

The edited highlights alone had taken up two, and with only as many left, after elaborating upon everything and adding my own spin to it, would take up as many as four, possibly five!

I glanced around, and saw the couple kissing, their lips locked around each other's mouths as if their lives depended on it... Which it might well... I knew that nearly anything could happen now... But, all the same, the couple made me uncomfortable... It brought back unpleasant memories from my childhood... Wishes that had never come true, for me, at least.

I turned my attention fully back to the seer, werewolf and vampire. Their conversation had just turned interesting: origins. I suddenly came to the end of the notebook. Cursing, I delved for another, and my hand brushed the indents on the cover, in the form of my name: Martin Phillip Clive Brown. How I longed to see them on a book cover. I doubted I'd have to wait too long after this bus ride was over.

The End

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