Fancy Anne's Defence

"She killed his wife. I just felt so angry."

I heard Morgan say that, and it stopped me in my tracks. I went back to her and hovered.

"What are you talking about? I didn't kill anybody. I've been in Limbo for what looks like at least twenty years. I had a really hard time even finding Mike, and when I did find him, I couldn't break through the veil to this side of existence. It was terribly painful breaking through,  just ask the bus. He (she?) felt it."

Morgan leaned hard against the window. I could feel her gathering strength.

"I had a flash of someone thinking "I killed Mike's wife." I thought it was you." Morgan said.

" It wasn't. I didn't say that, I didn't even think it. To begin with, Mike never married Serena.  She broke off the engagement before I died. Maybe he married in the last twenty years, I don't know.  I was in limbo." I told Morgan.

I went over to hover over Gloria.

"I'm sorry about threatening your baby. I wouldn't really hurt her. You think I'm crazy and maybe I am, but I am NOT a killer!"

Gloria looked at me a long time. I had pretty much gotten over my anger when I got a really good look at Mike. He was old! He was at least forty two. He had aged, but I didn't. I suddenly couldn't see myself spending the rest of eternity with him.

"You told Mike that his child is on this bus. How do you know that if you've been in limbo for twenty years."

Glory asked warily. She didn't believe me.

"I can see the shared faerie  blood. I imagine you can too, if you can see auras." I told Gloria.

"Who is it, who is Mike's child?"  Morgan piped up.

"You are." I told her.

The End

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