Scars shared

‘And that’s why you started harming?’ I ask sympathetically, looking at her injured arm. My own arms weren’t exactly free of scars either, after my close family were killed. I felt like I had had a good reason at the time, but I had come to see that what I was doing to myself was getting me nowhere. Hence the decision to hunt vampires.

Gabby nodded, wiping more tears from her face. I pull a face, remembering the feel of the cold metal warming against my skin before I drove the sharp edge in. I shudder, feeling sick, this time not from hunger. I put my hand through the gap in the seats reaching for hers. My sleeve pulls up over my wrist. A slew of white lines become visible and between just Gabby and me, I show her she’s not alone. I don’t want Lillith to see. For now at least. Her finger traces one of the scars and looks up at me sadly.

‘Well so far we all know someone we love has died, and were all social outcasts, though perhaps Lillith and me more so than you, Gabby,’ I smile, pulling my hand back, ‘what else do we have in common?’ Lillith snorts with laughter.

The End

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