Finding Strength

I stare at Fancy Anne. I think Gloria’s right about her being mentally ill. I wonder if Mike really is hers. Maybe he was once. I don’t know. I only know of love between a mother and child. I’ve never been romanced. I see the two kissing in the back and quickly look away. Fancy Anne is still looming about as if she didn’t really believe me.

‘If you love him, you ought to leave him in peace,’ I find myself saying out loud.

Fancy Anne went into another tizzy. She rips my book out of my hands. I watch as it goes sailing out the window. Gloria is gathering her energy again. I can feel that. I can feel my own annoyance and anger rising. Gloria shouldn’t have to defend me. She needs to save her energy to protect her child.




I state through clenched teeth. My hand pushes forward, at the same time Fancy Anne is vaulted into the bathroom. God, I hope it’s unoccupied at the moment. I hear the ghost’s mutter of frustration and see her streak toward the front. My eyes narrow.

‘She shouldn’t haunt him like that.’ I say turning to Gloria. She looks pale from the exertion. ‘Here,’ I rummage trough my pack, ‘this should help give you some energy back.’

Gloria takes the bar from me and begins to munch on it. ‘This is really good. Where did you get it?’ She smiles at me.

I feel myself flush and lower my eyes, ‘They’re Serena bars. My mother used to make them, she taught me how.’ I look back at Gloria. ‘Thank you for your help with the,’ I gulp and nod forward indicating the ghost.

‘I think that last push was all you.’

‘Really?’ I look at my hands. There is a lot more to them that I had once thought.


I place my hands over her belly. ‘I’m surprised you child hasn’t woken form all the excitement.’ I smile shyly at Gloria, ‘She has a good mother.’

The End

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