Why? I'll tell you why.

Why am I here alone? The one question I didn't want anyone to ask. Oh well, I figured I could trust them. I mean, they had told me they weren't exactly human, didn't they?

Before I began speaking, I took the necklace from around my neck and added a little momento of my own - my mothers wedding ring.

'My parents divorced approximately five months ago - just four weeks after the death of my grandma. Around the same time I began to see ghosts.' As I said this, I looked over to the spirit. It appeared to be having a conversation with the pregnant woman. 'Which, of course made me think that I drove them apart.

'About three days passed after the split, and I decide to move out with my mum. After a week, she had slept with a new man every night. While me and my older brother were in the house.' My voice became thick an it took me a moment to realise that I was crying. I wiped my eyes furiously on my sleeve before continuing.

'My brother turned to drugs and stopped coming home at night. When we heard about his death,' The two of them gasped, 'my mum went away for two weeks, leaving me alone.'

I stopped talking and looked down at my hands.

'I don't want to tell the rest.'

Lilith came round and sat next to me, placing a comforting arm around my shoulders.

'You can tell us anything.'

 Nodding, I said, 'I'm ashamed of it, but I know I can trust you.

'I, well, I started to go off on the same track as George, my brother. I hadn't been to school for weeks, but one day I bumped into one of my old teachers. She helped me get back on track, though I never told her the extent of my...issues. So I got sent home, and the next week I packed up this tiny bag with everything I own and ran away.'

The End

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