Working things out

I was having a really good nap when I felt a chill so deep that it woke me up. I looked around and discovered that Morgan was back in her seat in front of me. Before she moved over she had put my feet back up on the seat so that I could stretch my legs out. I was instantly grateful. I was getting cramped in the upright position in my seat.

I looked over at Morgan and saw that she was not alone. The restless spirit that had been visiting the tattooed man was now visiting Morgan. She was visibly shaken by the ghostly presence. Morgan could see her, and she wasn't happy about it for some psychotic reason. She was swirling her ectoplasm all around and above poor Morgan, who was frozen to her spot in terror.

"Hey, stop that!"

I all but growled at the spirit in a deep, angry voice.

She stopped terrorizing Morgan for a moment, and hovered over me.

"You can see me!"

This was said in an annoyed confrontational manner, as if I was seeing her presence just out of spite.

"I can see the aura that surrounds you, and it isn't pretty. It's shot through with some type of sickness. It's looks like it could be mental illness. Were you insane before you died?"

I asked in a blunt, matter of fact tone. That was not a good question to ask a crazy person, dead or not.She went ballistic! She swirled and circled above me and in front of me. She tried to slap me, her hand went right through. She tried to strangle me, again the hands went through.

The worst she could do was concentrate her energy on inanimate objects. My backpack rose up from the floor beside me and turned upside down. She tried to open the zipper, using just her furious energy. It would have opened, and dumped my stuff all over the place, but I fought her with my own psychic energy. It stayed upright, and opened up just enough for my spray cologne to float out. I concentrated, and made the cologne spray the ghost in her face. Of course the spray went right through her, but the point had been made that my energy was stronger than her energy.

She hovered above me and made a remark that she thought would make me mad enough to lose concentration, and give her the upper hand.

"I can hurt your baby. My energy can make its' heart stop beating and it will die."

She didn't understand about auras apparently. I knew she was lying. If her energy had been that strong, she probably would have tried already, just to see if she could affect my child. I had my own aura, my own energy, and the protective layers of love that surrounded my child and the outside world, were stronger than the walls of fort Knox. Nothing was going to hurt my baby, and the ghost knew it.

"What's your name?"

I thought I'd try to reason with this spectre, although it was probably pointless.

"Fancy Anne, what's it to you?" she was getting more surly by the minute.

"My name is Gloria, and this is Morgan. We've done nothing to you. Why are you being so mean and miserable?"

"I don't like the way this one was looking at my Mike." She indicated Morgan with a jerk of her head.

"I didn't mean anything by it, honestly."

Morgan said quietly. It occurred to me that Morgan could not only see Fancy Anne, she could hear her too.

"Then why were you staring at him?"

Fancy Anne shouted, but no one but the two other young women and Mike could hear her.

"I.. don't know. He was kind to me when I needed help."

"That's all it was?"

Morgan nodded.

"Alright then, just make sure you leave him alone, he's mine!"

"He's way too old for me, so you don't have to worry."

Morgan was beginning to gather her courage as she spoke back to Fancy Anne. Gloria squeezed her hand across the seat back to lend moral support.

"Oh. That never occurred to me." Fancy said.


The End

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