I don't want to think about my life.

I look at Gabby wryly as she asks what my story is. I shift uncomfortably, the haunting memory looming over me.

‘I used to be a vampire hunter, actually. Some vampire killed my parents and my sister. When I came home to the drained corpses, the vampire was still there. He taunted me. Told me what he was. I went into shock, but I battled through, swearing to track down and kill that vampire. I still haven’t found him. But two years ago, I got into a fight with some vampires. I was on his trail. They were defending him, I guess.

‘I was attacked by these vampires, and lost the fight. They left me torn apart and dying. As they left, one of them spat in my wounds. Vampire saliva is the venom,’ I added explaining, ‘so that even if I lived, I would become the thing that I hated the most in this world. I only discovered more recently that werewolves are another species I should be wary of.’ I look sideways at Lillith who looks down at the seat, embarrassed of the history between vampires and werewolves.

‘And as you can see,’ I smile brightly, ‘I survived. Someone found me just in time. The transformation hit in the hospital. The first thing I did when I escaped was kill someone and drink his blood.’ It was my turn to look away, ashamed.

‘You don’t look so upset about being a vampire anymore, though?’ Gabby said, confused.

‘No. Bad luck stalks me. I’ve learnt to use the benefits of being a vampire to my advantage. It’s just a downside that everyone wants to kill me and I have to drink blood to stay alive.’ I shrug, and then look pointedly at Gabby.

‘Why are you here? Alone?’ I ask, moving on from talking about me as quickly as I can. I don’t want to think about my life.

The End

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