Exchanging Tales

I reached through the gap between the seats and laid my hand gently on Lillith's arm, trying to comfort her. She had been keeping all her feelings bottled up inside of her for so long.

Just then there was a small comotion near the front of the bus. The escort had just hand-cuffed the woman back to the seat when the two actors started jumping up and down on the seats and running along the aisle.

Jase grabbed the two of them and ordered the bus driver to pull over. As she did, he wrestled them to the door and kicked them out. They won't be bothering us anymore.

I turned back to our conversation with the vampire and the werewolf. I remembered the story Lillith had told us. While she had been talking, I held the tiny wolf on the necklace, and now my grip switched to the tiny little cross and my gaze wondered over to Alex.

'What about you? what's your story?'

The End

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