Come fly with me.

Alexus's lips slowly pulled back from mine. She looked at me head slightly on side. She was looking for my reaction.

I wasn't sure how to react. I knew I wanted to carry on kissing her. Why not. If theres anything this bus has taught me its do it! Who knows what could happen? Quite clearly anything is possible.

I put her cheek in my palm and brought her face closer to mine. She didn't make any resitance against it so I kissed her again.

In our corner of the bus. Nobody noticed the magic of that kiss.

I knew what I wanted to say now. As much as I would hate myself for pulling away from that kiss I needed to say it. 

"Travel with me"

She looked rather taken aback.

"This kind of thing never hapens to me" I explained. "You think it will ever happen again for either of us?" 

Alexus shook her head.

"Then travel with me. Fly with me. After Atlanta I'm flying to Europe. I've still got Gran's tickets. She fell ill after we booked all this."  I may have been talking a little fast. because she was definatly trying to process everything I was saying. Maybe I was asking a little much of a girl I had only met maybe twenty four hours ago.

"Alexus never before have I met someone as perfect as you. Someone I barely know but already love. There is so much hidden under your defences and from what little of it i have seen I already know I love you. Please come with me"

"This is alot to take in" She wans't directly looking at my eyes. More at everything about me. Like she was taking everything of her life into acount. She eventually steadied her gaze. "Yes" She wispered.

Before I had chance to say anything back she kissed me again. This time I would never pull away.

Atlanta Georgia wasn't far away. I would show Alexus the world and more. She deserved to feel the joy and self balance you get when wandering the world. I don't know wheather I deserved her or not but I wasn't going to question it. Fate is a strange thing.

The End

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