Stories are Meant for Bedtimes

"My story? Hmm, okay." She shuffled around, nervously. Nobody had aksed her about her story before.

"Well, It started a long time ago. Coincidently in a place quite far away." She smiled. "Transylvania. It had no legends attached back then, I lived in a normal town, that was built around a huge castle. The owner was a Sir Henry Kingsblood. A wierd name." She wiped another tear from her face, they would soon know why.
"A ball had begun, to mark the new year, we were all invited. I wore my best dress, hoping to impress someone. But his eyes melted mine, that night as I stood in the doorway, he was looking down from the golden balcony. He almost floated down the stairs. He had brown curly hair, quite short but matched his perfect brown eyes." She gasped, taking an intake of air as she remembered his beauty.
"It was a romance out of a fairytale. But, this is no bedtime story. I was lured to the forest surrounding it where he bit me. But I didn't care, after a few months I had turned to accept it as my fate. But the village, they blamed the mysterious murders on him. It wasn't, of course!" She almost shouted, but kept her inside voice. "He was.." She paused closed her eyes pushing the tears back and she held her hands close to her heart. "He was burned at the stake. Now werewolves don't have immunity to fire but it doesn't work like if a vampire, or human was burned. It took days."

She flexed her hand, it had turned a very light white, and fur had begun to sprout from it as her nails turned into claws. The underneath of her hand had a thick pad. But she relaxed it again.
"A day later, Dracula moved in. But I bear no grudge against vampires. Just him. He killed those people and humanity foolishly fell for his trick. Luckily, however Dracula, now lays in his coffin, a spike pushed through his heart. But vampires have evolved past that." She looked at Gabby. "Watch yourself, Love is a powerful,woeful thing. But when right will be the happiest thing in the world."

The End

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