I move back to my seat. Gloria looks like she’s getting uncomfortable. I figure I’ll give her the full space back. I have to wait for our escort to pass by as the driver calls him up front. As I slide out of the seat I can’t help but look at the rest of the bus. I keep blinking. Real, illusion, real, illusion; I lose track of what I’m looking at.

There’s a werewolf and vampire talking with someone else. There’s the two aliens up front. Make that three; I think the escort might be one too. The actors have at least seemed to have passed out. They were weird, the way they actually believed their imaginations. There’s the man with the tattoos. I can’t see his ghost though; the one that was haunting him. For some reason that disturbs me more than anything else on this bus.

Even as I manage to scoot into my seat I can’t help watching him. I think. I think he might be part Faerie as well. But, I sit down. My own shyness is my enemy. I could ask Gloria, since she can see auras and all. I look at her. She is resting, as all women do that close to delivery. I don’t want to disturb her.

I pick up my book and tried to read. I can’t concentrate. I keep looking up towards the guy with the tattoos. I don’t know why he fascinates me so. He seems to be the opposite of my father. Of course my father; I don’t know. I never understood him. He pretty much wilted once Mom was killed and it was my Grandmother who ran things now. I loved her, but she was overbearing. In fact, I really didn’t want to go home. She probably knew I’d failed in college. I didn’t want to hear her lecture.

I try to read again. I see something hovering in front of me. It’s the tattoo man’s ghost. I look back at my book, trying to ignore her. I shiver slightly. I don't think she likes to be annoyed.

The End

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