Friendly Connections

Lillith reached into her bag and pulled out an apple juice box and passed it to Alex. "Here, its animal blood but it should do. I keep it around just incase I need something to..." She stopped. "Eat. It is desguised so you can't really tell its, not really apple juice." She looked at Gabby, then back to Alex. "Alex? Your young arn't you. Your name is quite modern." She laughed. "I normally shorten mine to Lilly, it makes me sound younger." She looked at Gabby. "I'm only 21 wouldn't you know?" She flicked her hair.

Looking at Gabby, she took her necklace off and gave it to her. "Here, A constant reminder for you, that life. Doesn't stop at death, that Hope is eternal. As is your destiny. Never give up. That will be when Life will truly end." She placed the wolf head, and cross into her palm. "Vampire, and werewolf." She smiled. Touching her neck where the necklace had been. It helped her, but she could feel it was time to move on. 

The End

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