Breaking the ice. Or trying to...


Wolf girl is coming towards me. The stink of dog is almost overwhelming, but in a way it almost calms my hunger. I can’t smell the blood half as well as I could before. I continued to munch on my crisps. I was still in my thoughtful mood from earlier. I had been thinking about the guy with the camera that had attacked me. I wondered if his perception of me had changed at all, or if I was still “evil” regardless if how controlled I managed to be.

‘Nice contacts,’ the wolf girl says, making me snap out of my thoughts. I look up at her as she edges past into the free seat. ‘A nice shade of blue. I mean...’ She leans closer. ‘Shouldn't they be red? Your eyes. Shouldn't your eyes be red?’ I shrug. I was more curious as to why my natural enemy was sitting next to me. She continued to talk, 'I know are species haven't gotten along so well in the past, but I refuse to believe that or hereditary traits can stop us from being friends.' My eyebrows rose slightly and I crumpled the now empty packet of crisps. The girl behind us was leaning in, eavesdropping. The wolf girl and I both turn to face her and the girl looks at us a little shocked. Then her face lifts and she hits us with the most unnerving question I’ve heard in a long time.

'So you're a vampire and a werewolf? Oh, come on. I've read Twilight.' She smiles awkwardly. I looked at the wolf girl and as our eyes met, we figured there was no harm in her joining the conversation as long as we kept our voices low. The wolf girl threatens the girl behind us to not tell anyone about this or she will be killed. Huh, get in line. If people knew there was a vampire on the bus there would be such a panic that in the hurry to get off the bus, more people would be hurt than if they stayed still.

The wolf girl promises that the world is nothing like the book Twilight and whispers about how she should be long gone. I can’t say I can relate to this, I have only been a vampire for the last two years. I awkwardly put my hand on hers sympathetically, not quite knowing what to do.

‘So uh... what’s your name?’ I ask in hope of alleviating the awkward silence. Oh, seriously, I'm a guy. What did you expect me to know how to do this kind of thing?

‘Lillith.’ She replies, looking up, her sobs already stopping. ‘You?’

‘Alex. Boring, I know. Oh and about the eyes,’ I add quietly, ‘they only go red when I'm hungry. They go back to the colour they were when I was human once I’ve... eaten.’ I smile nervously and turn to the girl behind us.

‘What’s your name?’ I ask.

‘Gabby,’ she tells me, hiding her arm from me. I smile reassuringly.

‘You don’t need to worry too much about that,’ I say looking at her arm, ‘I can barely smell anything with Lillith next to me. And you saw that I can be controlled. I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t be.’ Gabby nods half heartedly, still a little wary. I suppose it was a good thing that she was wary. My stomach let out an angry growl. I look down, embarrassed.


The End

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