Deeper Secrets

Lillith smiled. "The world is nothing like twilight my friend. I will kill you if this spreads. I am nothing like Jacob." She laughed. Showing her white fangs. "You know. The world is such a small place. A vampire, Werewolf and ghost seer?" She looked into her eyes. Lillith's eyes flashed a shimmering gold, they showed a flame of anger, but it only simmered. The outline of the fire, was like liquid gold, showing how gentle she could be. But soon they were back to blue.

She looked out the window, at the pouring rain and sighed. She was sick of being a lone wolf. But she was sick of fighting. A single tear rolled down her face. "Six hundred years. Of wandering this Earth. Its History, I should be history." She looked at the vampire. Then hung her head.

The End

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