I had been day-dreaming, just staring at the ghost that I had noticed earlier. This ghost was different to the ones I had seen before...darker, somehow. As if she had had something wrong wih her while she was still alive.

After I watched my grandma die, I had been able to see ghosts. That was only about six months ago, when everything had started to go downhill. The first time I saw one, it had scared the hell out of me.

A girl who had the slight appearance of a dog - with a lengthed nose - brushed passed me and knocked my injured arm, sending a spasm of pain shooting up to my shoulder. I tried very hard not to scream.

To my surprise, the girl sat down next to the pale man. I noticed that when she did this, she wrinkled her nose slightly as if there was a bad smell.

I heard her mention the guys contacts, only she complimented te shade of blue. Wasn't he wearing contacts before? And they were red.

I was puzzling over this when I heard her say something extremely peculiar.

'I know are species haven't gotten along so well in the past, but I refuse to believe that or hereditary traits can stop us from being friends.'


I know I shouldn't eavesdrop, but this conversation was getting stranger and stranger. I couldn't resist leaning forwards until my ear was almost through the gap between the seats.

Their talking cut off almost immediately. I straightened up as the pair turned around to face me.

I smiled awkwardly, 'So you're a vampire and a werewolf?' the shock on their faces was almost comical. 'Oh, come on. I've read Twilight.'

They both looked at eachother, and then just decided to let me join in the conversation.

The End

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