Moving slowly on...

Alexus shifted her position as she looked at Drake. She was still listening to him, taking in every word then she muttered a faint "Shhh." Before placing her mouth on his, just gently. Then pulled back looking to see his reaction.

----------1 row forward--------------------------------

Lillith gathered herself up, bag and all, and walked towards the front of the bus. Sitting next to the vampire. "I know this is a bad idea. A very bad idea, I shouldn't no. Does he have bloodlust? I can't tell. The light, I can't see his face properly. He has contacts in. Vampires have red eyes. Bad Idea. Very bad idea." She thought as she looked at him, placing her bag on the floor. "Nice contacts." She murmerred. Trying to start a conversation and ignore the fact he smelt, funny.

"A nice shade of blue. I mean.."She leant closer. "Shouldn't they be red? Your eyes. Shouldn't your eyes be red?" She raised an eyebrow, sinking back into her chair. Just because the rest of her, and his kind were enemies, she saw no reason why they could not be friends.

The End

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