My Mother's Name

We must have looked a sight.

The guy next to me was twitching. I was probably twitching. This girl had ruined me. Almsot single handedly. I supose it's what you get for a misplaced bit of fun. I had always kicked myself for not finding out she was a stalker beore hand. I had lost my fiance, my daughter and my carrear and yet I had moved on. She was dead and she couldn't. I mean I killed her. You think if anything would stop you loving someone. I still blamed myself a bit for killing her. Yes she had run infront of my bike which was suicide, but I hadn't managed to avoid her. That was my fault but It was twenty years ago.

The girl across from us and a row behind was really pale. She was sleeping and I felt slightly worried about her. I fogot about her as hand slunk down my shoulder.

She had been making out with the guy at the back before. She was now bend down next to me. He short skirt showing off a little to much for my taste. I liked to discover it all at once. With her there was already far too little to find out. I had made a horrible mistake once and I found out something I really didn't want to find. It is the only time I have ever made out with a guy. It was dark. He looked like a woman. He had long curly hair and false eyelashes and everything. This girl was definatly a girl however. She was asking me if I was ok. She must have seen me faint before.

All of a sudden the girl shot back. Knocking into the girl officer Jase had before handcuffed. She knocked the other girl to the floor I thought I saw a glint of metal. Officer Jase went to the bathroom and collect something because he had brought an empty bag with him. She akwardly got back onto her feet and expalined the bus must have moved. She tried to help the other girl up before the other girl had jumped to her feet and was snarling at Beth. I knew Anne was hanging round the bus. She must have knocked the girl back in jealousy.

I still remember the day. Thinking about it, it must have been nineteen years and a few months ago. I opened that envelope from Serena. I was still so bitter at the time.That was the point where I attempted to slash Anne's name out of my arm. All that resulted was painkillers and yet a nasty scar, which you couldnt even see anymore. All the letter explained was that she had found another man who had time for her and the child. The very last word of the tearstained letter was my daughter's name.

She had been named after my grandmother. Morgan...

The End

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