Stupid hereditary traits...

I'm getting rather fed up of all this.

Why couldn't this just be a normal, boring day? Why did life seem so intent on driving me insane at this point? I can't seem to calm down, all manner of crazy things are happening around me and I can't do a thing to stop them. Oh, and I think the vampire may be plotting to rip my head off. We've spent the past few minutes glaring at each other. Well, technically, I was doing all the glaring but I just can't help it. Stupid hereditary traits, who needs them! My predecessors may have been manic, stake-wielding, vampire-obsessed maniacs but that doesn't mean I am too! Why did I have to be born a Van Helsing? Couldn't I have been a nice boring Smith or Brown, without any creepy instincts that incite me to throw myself off the back of a bus seat? No, it just had to be me didn't it!

There's a girl at the back of the bus who's staring at us. Well, staring at Mike really, she's ignoring me entirely. I think she's one of the two who was making out with that other guy at the back. Perhaps she wants someone new. Well I don't care, just as long as she leaves me alone. I think I'll snap if anyone talks to me just now, I'm still too tense.

My life is very delicately balanced, please do not make any sudden movements.

The End

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