Im sat next to this Tom guy. He comforted me after the incidents on the last bus. He was making out with the blonde one now. He obviously was interested in both of us. I would have to get his interest fully on me after she had her turn.

The actor guy that wasnt asleep had gotten up and run from the back of the bus. They must have been nuts or something if they really thought they were deamons. Or he could have just be practising I guess. The feirce looking biker at the front had obviously fainted or something. I had seen that totally cute escort dragging a girl out of the bathroom with handcuffs on. He wasn't THAT kind of escort was he? No couldn't have been. The biker looked offended as he bellowed "I am NOT on drugs!"

The guy with the camera looked like he was on drugs however.

I began evesdropping. The guy next to me, Drake I think, was telling the goth looking chick his life story. Boooooring!

Maybe I should go talk to the biker. He looked like he needed "Relaxing" wink wink. I hate bikes but I'm bored. Besides the escort was down there maybe he would notice me.

(((Author note)))

Rawrr is back in school at the moment and being the beggining of a new year things are hectic. Therefore I will be momentarily managing her charachters to. You may also use her charachter for now untill things settle into a routein and she has free time.

The End

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