Cousin Fancy Anne

Oboyooboyboy my favourite cousin Amber was on the bus too! I was so focused on my beautiful biker Mike that I hadn't noticed her. We were inseparable ever since we were babies. My mom and hers were twins, so they were really close.

She was talking to Mike. I wondered if I should I be jealous. Nah. Amber wouldn't try to take my boyfriend. She knew that Mike and I belonged together forever, I told her that enough times.

She still called me Anne, the name on my birth certificate. I had it legally changed to Fancy Anne when I started my career as an exotic dancer. Amber never did like my career. I loved her dearly, but she could be prissy sometimes.

"What, what happened here? Mike, you just fainted. Are you alright? You don't look well. What did Amber say to you?"

I knelt beside Mike and tried to lift him off the floor, but of course I had no substance, so my arms went right through him.

Mike's whole body shuddered. He was unconscious so I thought it might be easier to communicate with him.

"Fancy Anne, please please go away." He muttered.

What he was saying was garbled, so the people around him didn't understand him.

"You're not making sense darling man. Why would I go away? I finally found you after seven years, I'm not going anywhere."

He spoke to me in his mind.

"Fancy Anne, you're dead. we have no future together. We didn't even when you were alive. You've got to give up this obsession about me. I don't love you, I never did. You don't love me either. I think you were impressed by all the hype and hoopla that was involved with the star making machine. I was a star then, but I'm not now and I never will be again. You were in love with the idea of love. The one night stand we had together was physical, that's all. You believed it meant so much more than it ever did. Please please if you really do care about me, leave me alone."

I could hear his thoughts but he couldn't hear mine, so I sat in his lap and spoke into his ear.

" I can't do that Mikey, I came for you. You'll have all of eternity to learn to love me."

His body began to shake wildly as though he was having seizures. Perhaps he was. Whenever I made physical contact with him, his body rejected my ectoplasm, and I was literally shaken off his lap. As soon as I was no longer touching him, his body relaxed and woke up. He was surprised to see Amber and his seat mate looking concerned for him. He declared that there was nothing wrong. He got back into his seat. I could hear the vampire basher beside him ask him if he was on drugs. Mike went ballistic!

""I am not on drugs!" he bellowed. When he saw everyone staring at him, he calmed down a little.

"It's ok, I'm ok. My blood sugar is low, that's all. With all the excitement and the exchange of buses, I haven't eaten much today. I packed some food, so I'll just eat something and I'll be fine."

He dug into his pack and pulled out a sealed container of sandwiches. He got one out and ate it. When Amber saw that Mike was alright, she went back to her seat.

"Amber, Amber  it's me... Fancy Anne."

I tried speaking directly into her ear, but she didn't have electronically enhanced hearing, so she didn't hear me. She got out her lap top and turned it on. I decided to try an experiment. I concentrated on the monitor, and my face appeared on it.


She screamed and slapped the laptop closed. Her scream wasn't loud, so no one noticed. Even if it was loud, screaming was a common occurrence on this bus, so people mostly ignored it unless they were personally affected by it. I made the laptop open again. I printed my message in big block letters across her screen saver.


She read it, and then she fainted and flopped over in her seat. To a casual observer it looked like she was taking a nap.

The End

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