The escape

No one on the bus seemed to notice the arrest, and I still was confused. I was sure that I closed the door well behind me. Anyway, I had to find an escape now. The escort seated me in the first row next to him, so I couldn't reach my razor. Even if I was cuffed reaching it was easy to me and unlocking it was easier. I tried to defend myself and to tell him that the money came from the guy in the back, but the escort threatened me and didn't let me talk.

As I sat down there, I observed the passengers in the driver's mirror. A pregnant teenage girl, two guys wearing weird customs, a tattooed guy which was familiar to me…

But I couldn't remove my eyes from the guy in the back. He obviously had known me. He kept on kissing the blonde girl beside him from time to time. I kept looking until his eyes met mine. He was satisfied, glad that I was caught.

            Every now and then the escort, Jasse I think his name, walked to the end of the bus and returned making sure that everything was fine. When I noticed his routine, I decided to escape. It shouldn't be hard I thought. In addition I still have half of the money hidden. As we went, I reached my razor in my pocket and kept it in my hand waiting for the right moment. Suddenly I heard a thud. The tattooed guy had fainted, and everyone gathered around him including Jasse. I took advantage of the time and freed myself. I hid the razor and asked the bus driver to stop but she didn't.


"Stop the bus without any sound or I will.." I threatned as I showed her the razor without anybody noticing.         

The End

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