Talking of auras...

Just before the biker guy fainted, I overheard the pregnant girl talking quietly with Morgan. She had been saying something about auras.

‘I'm pretty sure you have Faerie blood in you.’ I hear the pregnant girl say. I freeze. I really, really hope she hasn’t looked over at my aura yet! I can hide my eyes, but I can’t hide my aura. I wondered what she would see. Maybe she wouldn’t see anything. I wasn’t sure if that would give me away more or if it meant I could hide from her gaze better.

I sink into my seat a little further, slouching so that my head can’t be seen over the headrest. I hear Morgan gasp. Suddenly I feel cold. It’s not the ghost, it’s Morgan! She can see me for what I really am. My stomach twisted nervously.

Her gaze passes over me and onto the others on the bus. I hope she doesn’t tell the guy with the camera that I really am a vampire. I’m beginning to think it would be safer if I ran out in the sun and left nature to take care of me. Less chance of being staked by some guy who looks like he’s having an adrenaline overload anyway.

‘No I am not on drugs!’ biker guy was yelling, but it all sounded kind of distant. I couldn’t let the number of people who were onto me rise. What am I going to do? I don’t know. Eat more crisps.

This was becoming a bad habit.

The End

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