Skulking around...

I can't stop moving. I'm fidgeting in my seat, trying to distract myself from the tension seething all around me. As if me jumping on the vampire wasn't enough, now I think my seatmate's having a crazy moment. Brilliant. I chew my lip absentmindedly, trying to calm down. I'm still hyped up on adrenaline, I feel like I've drunk a weeks' worth of coffee at once. Calm down, I tell myself, stop acting likea hyperactive nutjob. Stop freaking out, it has nothing to do with you, it's fine. Nothing's wrong, all normal again (well, as normal as is possible on this bus.) You're even worse than the vampire, sitting here like you've got a guilty secret. But then again, that's no lie. I do have a guilty secret, but that's definately not EVER going to be mentioned again.

The End

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