Silver Sparks

I felt awful when I told that girl I couldn't heal her. Well, it is true that I'm low on energy. I know that this is going to wrong at some point - I'm conserving my strength from those who get caught in the crossfire, not those who injure themselves deliberately. I sigh, and turn round, ignoring her.

Everything's peaceful for a while. Those two actors run up and down a bit - dunno what they're doing.

Someone faints. Great. Just what I need. Olivia and I hurry towards him, gathering our energy as we do. I touch middle fingers with her - Sharing helps when you're low on juice. Together we run our hands over his body. Sparks leap and dance over him, healing a few minor scratches. The sparks return, confirming my suspicion - there is nothing wrong with him. He's had a fright, that is all.

I look up and see the faint outline of a girl watching him in a satisfied way. Ah. That would explain. The poor guy's been Visited. Someone probably reminded him about her, and he looked up and saw the ghost again. Seeing a ghost often makes people faint.

I remember back a few years ago .... but I mustn't think about that now. I need to use my energy for healing, not waste it daydreaming.

"Nothing I can heal," I say. I catch the self-harmer watching me. I haven't caught her name yet. "And I probably wouldn't have the energy anyway," I add. She glares at me, but it's true. Olivia grips my arm. She knows that if I stay here any longer I'll lose my temper - not a pretty sight.

"Come, Mai," she says, too low for anyone to hear. "You need to relax." We return to our seats. Relax. Yeah right. I've got a feeling that's not going to be too simple in the near future.

This biker's not the only one who's had a shock. I can see some other heart-to-hearts going on, and the participants look pretty surprised .... Especially Morgan. Who know appears to be crying. I watch as she moves to sit closer to Gloria. I've a feeling I know what this is about ...

The End

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