Rude Awakening.

...the crocodile chased all the cheerleaders through the swamp, and killed all but one. When they emerged from the other side, it was oppisite the cheerleader's grandparent's house. The crocodile, hungry for more, lined the girl up against a cart and slowly advanced towards her, opening his mouth wide. Just then, the girl fainted and made a dull THUD when she hit the floor...


I woke up knowing exactly where I was. You always read about people who wake up without knowing where they have been sleeping, and I've even done it once or twice. But this time, the intense pain in my arm and the sound of another disaster in the bus brought me quickly to the present.

My neck was stiff, and when I looked around to see who had made the thud that interupted my dreams, it clicked loudly.

Down the front of a bus, there was a small crowd around someone. I recognised it as the biker guy guy by the blonde hair I could see between peoples feet.

It looked like he had fainted, and they had his feet up against a chair, to get the blood back in his head or something.

Mai and the spider girl both had their hands held over his body, as if they were scanning him. 

I heard them each mutter 'nothing, nothing.' as they passed over different parts of his body. Finally, Mai stood up.

'There's absolutely nothing wrong with him. He probably just got a fright or the events on the bus caught up to him. There's nothing that I can heal.' then she caught me looking. 'I probably wouldn't have the energy either.' Yeah, sure, whatever.

Just then, the biker guy woke up. He looked around wearily, and when he saw the people around him, he stood up told them nothing was wrong (rather forcifully, I might add) and sat back down in his seat. No one was confinced. He was shaking and jittering more than the guy infront of me.

The escort leaned down ad whisperred something in his ear.

'No I Am Not On Drugs!' the biker stormed. I got a huge fright, along with everyone else on the bus.

The people who had been crowding around him all looked at him indecisivly, as if thinking they should say something else. But then, one by one, they shrugged and walked back to their seats.

The last person to leave was the snooty girl with the laptop who had been getting rained on by spitballs before everything went wrong. She chewed her nail thoughtfully, but then finally left.

That was wierd, from what I could gather, this guy had fainted for no reason.

And that was when I saw the ghost.

The End

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