She's your cousin???

I woke up slowly. My legs felt cramped, and my stomach hurt from the corner of my laptop digging into it. I yawned and put the thing in my laptop case. I sat back in my seat with my eyes closed. I was still drowsy. I would have stayed like that for ages if I hadn't suddenly realized something.

Now I realized why that biker guy looked so familiar. I knew him two ways. Firstly, I had gne to watch his show once, with a few of my cousins. He was the best stunt biker I've ever seen. He was amazing, going off those ramps, and flipping in the air. He never wore a helmet either, so his hair flew about everywhere, and it was just brilliant. His name was the Ghost Rider.

The second way I knew him was threw one of my cousins. She was mad about him, and she met him a few times too. Supposedly, he liked her too, until she forced him to get a tattoo with her name. She died a few years ago in an accident. Her name was Anne.

I decided to go talk to him. I kept my hands on the seat backs the whole time while going to his row, so as not to fall. I definitely did not want to fall because of the bus' movement after I'd seen that guy almost dying in the other bus.

He looked quite jumpy. He was alooking quite pale too. Maybe the shock of the murder hadn't worn off yet?

"Hi," I said. "You're the Ghost Rider, aren't you?" He smiled.

"Why yes. You know me?"

"Yeah!!! I watched one of your shows once. You were amazing!!! I'm surprized that other people on this bus haven't recognized you yet." He looked so happy to be recognized.

"Thanks!!! Which show of mine did you watch?"

"The one in Dallas, in May 2006."

"Oh. That one. I've always thought that that was one of my best shows. Now I have confirmation."

"Hehe. By the way, I think I know someone who knew you."

"What do you mean by 'knew'?"

"Well, she died." The Ghost Rider turned pale. Wonder why. Did he know someone who had died and he was scared of him or her?

"She was my cousin. Her name was Anne. She was a huge fan of yours. She said she met you a few times too."

The Ghost Rider turned as white as a sheet, and fainted.

The End

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