The bond of friendship

I woke up with a start. I didn't know where I was, so I looked around the bus to orient myself again.  Morgan was in the seat in front of me, with her back against the window and her feet on the seat,  the same as me.

I could see that she had been reading, because she held a book in her left hand. Her right hand rested on the seat back between us.

"Hi."  She said quietly.

She must be really shy. she kept her head down when she spoke. I had a hard time hearing her.  There was something different about her. Not bad different, just .. unusual. Her aura was amazing. It just glowed with intelligence, dignity, honesty,  strength, love, laughter, and courage.

There was definitely courage there, although she was so shy she didn't think of herself as brave at all. The way she took charge when I thought I had gone into labour showed that she could be strong when she needed to. I think she surprised herself.

There was something else in her aura too. She wasn't entirely your average normal  human being. I was beginning to think that nobody on this bus was normal.. including me.

She blushed and turned away. I realized then that I had been staring at her. You just don't stare at shy people. It makes them think there is something wrong with them. I put my hand on her wrist to keep her from turning around.

"No, wait!  Don't turn around please. I won't stare any more, I promise. It's a bad habit I have. I was studying your aura. I keep forgetting that it's rude to stare."

"Au....aura? "  That got her attention. At least she stayed where she was.

"Yeah. It's the colours and vibrations that surround every living thing. Not everybody can see them. In fact, most people can't see them. I can pretty much tell the true nature of a person's soul at first glance. I knew immediately that you were completely trustworthy. I would never have  told you about my ability, otherwise."

"Really?  What else can you see?"

I told her about all the good qualities I saw in her aura, but I was hesitant to broach the subject of her lineage. There was a very good chance that she didn't know what she was.

"How long have you had this..ability?"

"All my life. When I was little, I thought everyone could see the colours. It really freaked my mother out whenever I mentioned them. She told everybody that I had a great imagination, and that there were no colours. I knew she was lying though, her aura changed. I was never allowed to tell anybody about my ability. She made me feel there was something wrong, or evil about it."

"That must have been awful for you."

She said sympathetically, as she patted my hand.

"It was, till I started high school, and I started doing research on the subject. It's not common, but it's not unheard of  either. Have you ever heard that old song, "True Colours," sung by Cindy Lauper? I bet you anything that whoever wrote it could see auras. It's considered to be a type of being psychic, I think. It's stronger in some people than in others, and it's usually inherited."

"Can your parents see auras?"

"I know my mother can't. I never knew my father."

Morgan had finally relaxed, and by her aura I could tell that she instinctively trusted me. I decided that it was about time that she should be told about her ancestry.

"Uhhh.. Morgan, I have something to tell you about yourself that I don't think you know. It's very important that you understand who you are, and what you can do. So I want you to brace yourself. You're strong enough to take it."

Morgan took my words literally and braced herself with one hand on the back of the seat, and the other hand on the edge of the seat.

"Okay Gloria, I'm ready. What is it that you know about me?"

"I'm pretty sure you have Faerie blood in you."

The End

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