More fidgety than Alex

I was shivering.

Despite it I was slightly in Awe. The two guys in outfits behind us. I had seen them In Georgia awhile back. It was an amazing show. They had been so in charachter it was almost belivable. I wondered should I get their autograph.

I had only noticed Ash had gotten up when he was squeezing past me trying not to disturb me.


Ash was now looking at me funny. Slightly suspiciously. I realised how pale I must be. He had just jumped on the guy I had a horrible suspicion wasnt quite human in reality. Not like the two nut job actors. I had begun fidgeting as much as that guy to.

I was pretty sure he wasn't getting stalked by a ghost though.

I couldn't feel her around anymore but I wondered what she meant when she was saying I'd be with her again soon. For one I had NEVER been with her. Well I supose we had for one night but I was a star. I had one night stands with ALOT of girls. I remember she had worked behind the bar. My favourite pub. She was soo whiney. Besides I stopped sleeping around when I met Serena. We were engaged. She broke it off after I had the accident she said I was different. I guess I was. I know I was bitter about it and so angry alot of the time. I got over that along time ago but I never did find Serena. Or my daughter. She must be around twenty now.

I know I didn't look the father type but I was. I never met my daughter either. I got one letter from Serena saying what the childs name was. She had found a good upstanding man. A stable man who had time for her and the kid. I felt sorry for the guy because I know he will think my kid was his. She was only a few weeks pregnant when she left me for him.

The End

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