So let me get this straight...

This is officially the freakiest day of my life.

Okay, so I attacked a vampire, then the vampire turned out not to be so evil and I backed off. Now there's two freaky actor peoples on this bus. I think they're dreaming, I heard one mutter something about Chuck Norris in a dreamy fashion earlier,and I can hear one of them muttering now. Meh, actors. (Or at least, I hope they are...)

I turn my attention back to the bus again. I've returned to my seat, but I just can't settle. The vampire's put me on red alert, I just can't sit still. This is agitating, I can't seem to calm down. Mike can't either, he's just as fidgety as me, although he still won't tell me why. Perhaps I should threaten to jump on him like I did for the vamp. Naw, he'd eat me for breakfast.

In a bored manner I pull out my camera and go around the bus again, taking particular note of the sleeping guys. If they do anything drastic, I'll have pictures. That goes for the vampire too.

The End

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